Weekend Open Burning

**Town of Norfolk Residents Note**

For use on Saturday and Sunday burning only! ALL weekday burning must be approved thru the selectmens office. NO Exceptions!!

Use this Contact Form for ALL Weekend Burning Requests.

Todays Fire Index (State Fire Danger) :

Todays Air Quality Index (State Air Quality Index):

Todays weather prediction in Norfolk. (I.e. Sunny, Partly cloudy, Etc.):


By contacting the Local Burning Official, I Agree to abide by, follow, and obey all open burning regulations as described by the State D.E.E.P. Failure to follow the rules set forth by the aforementioned is subject to a misdemeanor and will be subject to a Fine and/or imprisonment. CGS Sec. 23-48


The On-Call Open Burning Official will be calling you back within an hour to approve or decline your request to burn today (Saturday/Sunday only).



Town of Norfolk Open Burning Instructions
1. Make sure you have a signed permit by the resident/owner of the property where the burn is to take place.  Permit must be available at the place where burning is taking place.


2. Make sure you are burning only brush no larger than 3” in diameter.


3. You must not leave your fire unattended.  You are responsible for taking all precautionary measures to prevent the fire from spreading beyond your controlled area.


4. If you violate any of the above and the Police, Fire Department or Department of Energy and Environmental Protection are called, you have committed a misdemeanor crime subject to a fine and/or imprisonment. Pursuant to CGS Sec. 23-48.


5. You must receive verbal permission from a Local Burning Official on each day you plan to burn.


6. All burning must be conducted between the hours of 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  The weather must be sunny or partly sunny with the wind speed between 5mph & 15mph


7. For permission to burn Monday through Friday contact the Selectmen’s Office at 860-542-5829
8. ALL Weekend Burning is authorized by the Weekend On-Call Burning Officials.  Use the above link and fill out the form properly with the above information.




- You cannot burn if the forest fire index is high, very high or extreme
- You cannot burn if the air quality index is 75 or greater anywhere within the state