1. When was the Norfolk fire department started?

- The Norfolk Volunteer Fire Department was created at a town meeting that met on Friday June 20,1902 at 7:30pm

2. When did the fire department obtain its incorporation status?

- The Norfolk Volunteer Fire Department was incoporated on January 16, 1907

3. Are my donations to the Norfolk Fire Department tax deductable?

- Yes, The Norfolk Volunteer Fire Department is a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization

4. When does the fire department have its meetings?

- Regular Monthly Meetings are held on the first monday of each month at 7:00pm

5. When does the fire department have its drills/practices?

- The fire department has drills on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th mondays of the month starting at 6:30pm

6. I don't like heights or the idea of going into burning buildings, is there anything else I can do to help the department?

- Of course, Our Active B and General membership categories allow members to assist with other duties on a fire scene or at the station. Ie. Driver/Pump Operator, Exterior firefighter, Fire Police, Administrative functions, and Refreshment Service to name a few.

7. Does the Fire Department have a tax incentive program?

- Yes, Members of the emergency services recieve up to $1000 based on participation within the department. Read the Ordinance here for more info.

8. Why is Norfolk Called "The Ice Box" of Connecticut?

- Norfolk gained reputation as the states "Ice Box" in 1943, when the coldest-ever reading in Connecticut came in at 37 degrees below zero on February 16th.

9. What projects are the Fire Department currently involved with?

1. Firehouse Building/Renovation

10. How can I order a Blue 911 House Number sign?

- Just email us at housenumbers@norfolkfire.org and give us your information. Signs are $20 + $10 if you require a pole.  Free installation for residences in Norfolk.  Click Here for more info.

11. What is a KnoxBox and why should I get one?

- Knoxboxes are small steel vaults containing a key to your house that get mounted on your house.  If your alarm activates and you are unavailable to respond, The Norfolk Fire Department has a key to open your knoxbox secured in the apparatus allowing a search of your house to determine the reason for activation.  Having the Fire Department preform a complete search of your house allows small problems to be identifyed before thay become big ones.  Click here for more info.

12. Where can I get an Application for the Road Race Scholarship?

- On our "Road Race Info" link to the left or at the bottom of this page. Note: All scholarship applications must be submitted by May 15th!

13. In regards to my homeowners insurance, what is the ISO (Insurance Services Office) Rating for the Norfolk Volunteer Fire Department?

- The ISO Rating for the Town of Norfolk and the NVFD was updated on May 26, 2015 and is currently a 5/5Y rating. See ISO Document attachment below.